You are human. Conformity is the tendency and it is a powerful force. As much as we like to think that we are individuals, we are driven to fit in or to be accepted. You adapt the behavior and expect to gain the approval and favor from other people. However, not everyone will conform. Some may stray. Some may gain independence or freedom. The freedom to be themselves. To go against conformity should be the norm of today’s society as you are told every day that your opinion matters. You are unique. You are human. and that projection eventually fade away.



When do we grow up? Is there an age that we are considered the mature adult? What happens when the immature adult is no longer the child? Their immaturity prevents them from considering how their behavior affects other people using them as potential sources for their childish needs not as human beings who have feelings of their own. Maybe they can’t behave like a responsible adult. “If you don’t listen to me, I’ll scream!” “He was picking on me today!” “Make my decision for me.” Does our inner child control much of our life, searching for childish things such as toys, chocolate and cartoons; or can we be the child at heart —- and project a change?



You are not the same person you were yesterday. Life is a series of births and struggles, good things and bad things, molding you to understand who you are, how to be honest, how to love, and how to grow. Whether it is a conformity to a group or a toxic relationship, you don’t consign yourself to your past. You are a new person every day and the river you step in today is a different river to the the one you had yesterday. Try again. Start over. And the projection you put on everyday for yourself and the universe fades away as you mold into a new person to resurrect again.