“Imprints” took a year to plan, write, choreograph, and perform. The team at Symbiosis spent most of the process 1000 miles apart, sending ideas to each other via texts, emails, and social media.
When Symbiosis got to the space, they had a lot more work then they thought. The process to get the space audience ready went from late Wednesday night to Friday afternoon. After cleaning the workspace, laying down the dance floor, setting up audio equipment, hanging lights, and spacing the show to perform surrounded by audience members, the team felt confident and proud in the work they were about to show.
Symbiosis is a new company and with ‘Imprints’ being their debut, the team is more than pleased to have sold out 2 of the 3 shows. The performance was unique and organic because each of the artists brought a different element to the space every day — it kept them on our feet and ready to tackle any and every outcome and or challenge. Looking back at what Symbiosis has accomplished in such a short time, they set the bar high and look forward to grow not just as a organization but also as artists.
Symbiosis would like to thank Jason Parson for being our first guest choreographer for our company, Chelsea Early for her beautiful costume design, and Caleb Alvarado for his unique projections for the show.