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This trio emerged from a desire to discover new athleticism, virtuosity, and lightheartedness in my choreography. In short, I gave myself license to be extra. I referenced a lot of pop music to pull unexpected qualities from the phrase work, and I tapped into the voraciousness of the performing quality of my youth to lend speed to and spark passion inside the imagery I was creating. But frankly I couldn’t really decipher the bigger picture, or assign meaning to the material until I began working with the dancers.
We built and rehearsed the piece in two trios, and I was surprised how naturally each group formed its own collective character. We made space for each dancer to have moments to shine, but I was inspired to lean into the spirit of benign, impish, chaos that colored their performance. I started to see the women like Chernabog’s fiery minions in Fantasia’s night on Bald mountain: an adaptable anarchic sisterhood whose fires burn bright, creative, good, malevolent, ordered and wild, but ultimately don’t shake the balance of the world. They shake up their world and that’s enough for them.
I hope this work transports you into their spicy and playful arena, where you can help yourself to a serving of style in a place where nothing really matters in the end. Then again, if nothing matters, maybe it can also be true that everything does as well. How’s that for lighthearted?